Great Writers

Fray Luis of León

We’re going to be analyzing the main figures of the spiritual literature. Fray Luis dof León was borne in Belmonte (Cuenca) in 1527, he had Jewish ancestors and his family was originally from the Mountains. He worked as a teacher in Salamanca and was processed by the Inquisition in that exact faculty, gaining a long jail sentence from 1572 to 1576. His four biggest creations are: The Exposition of Song of Songs (written in 1561 and 1562 to Isabel Osorio, a nun from the Sancti Spiritus in Salamanca) where we can see all of his usual topics in his comments; The Perfect Wife written in 1583 for María Varela de Osorio’s wedding, a comment to Chapter XXXI of the Proverbs, which gained popularity although it didn’t get as much of the critic’s attention as it deserved; Commentary on the Book of Job, took him a lot of time to write (maybe from 1570 till 1591), and it reflects a clear ideological and stylistic internal revolution; but his biggest play in Spanish prose was The Name of Christ, a summary of his biblical, theological and philosophical thoughts, which contains the motives seen through all his work, this book represents the author’s idea of perfection because it manages to reduce multiple aspects into one unit.

Fray Louis of Granada

Originally from Dominican Republic, Fray Louis of Granada (1504-1588) was born in Granada and wrote The Sinner’s Guide (Lisboa, 1556-1557) and An Introduction to the Symbol of Faith (Salamanca, 1583). The Guide was included in the 1559 index, and that required some changes here and there.