There are times when artists (not just writers) need to make the decision to keep going or quit. We advise not to quit, so let us motivate you to keep going:

Becoming a successful writer is a long process

This is not something that can happen overnight. Even though there are some exceptions, most people have to work hard to achieve it. It is a process that requires years of practice with multiple literary terms.

Failing is part of the process

This is a discouraging truth to hear, but failure is necessary. Constructive criticism is necessary. Almost all writers have been rejected at some point in their careers. But they did not fail because they kept trying. There will be good and bad moments, as in everything. It is a normal process.

If you keep trying and keep on working to get better, sooner or later you will be successful. Remember that you only lose if you give up.

There will always be setbacks

There will be many goals you cannot achieve in the moment in which you desire to, there will be family problems, there will be unexpected events, diseases, sadness, other priorities, and an infinite number of other things. What is important is that you keep in mind that these things will happen all the time. These may lead you away from your goals for a while, but you can always come back to them.

A stone in your path does not mean you have failed. Adjusting your goals and giving yourself more time to attain them, does not mean you have failed. If you have not been able to complete anything you set your mind to do this whole year, it does not mean you have failed. Each day is a new opportunity to begin.

As with our stories, there are many things that happen without us planning for them, but this does not mean you need to give up. Remember how many problems you made your characters go through before letting them become what they were supposed to in order for them to achieve their goals.

It will all be worth it once you start feeling it is all coming together  

Becoming what we want requires a lot of time and patience. Nonetheless, it is very rewarding when the small details in your life start to come together. Achieving small goals helps you build the foundation for your bigger goals. Once you finish a draft of your story, you may begin to edit; once you finish editing, you can submit your work to publishers. One step leads to the next.