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Invocation of what was studied

Taking exams. Very often the best way to prove that something has been learnt is through exams. They usually not represent a problem if study was performed correctly although it is advisable to take some precautions:

  • Read the questions carefully in order to correctly understand them.
  • Mentally try to position the required concepts in the synoptic chart previously built.
  • Try to answer using well-built and understandable phrases.
  • It is necessary to explain any technical words being used and, if possible, provide examples. It is a good method to imagine that you are explaining the concept to an alien who does not know anything. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the teacher already knows it all.
  • Make use of all the available time and use any spare time to review.
  • Take the exam with enthusiasm: use good handwriting, cleanliness, do not make corrections, use the appropriate margins, use a ruler to underline the important phrases or concepts.

Even though it might be obvious I want to point out that study is not something to be left for one or two days before the exam but it is an activity that has to be performed as the class is progressing.

It is possible that some of the activities proposed in the orientation guide are challenging at first. Nonetheless, it is worth it to keep on practicing and, if necessary, use any other articles or books about charts or summaries.

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