Tips to improve your writing


A question, a problematic situation, or some other fact that generates opinions, is posed. Each participant presents a response and expresses it with complete freedom. The answers are written in the black board in the order they are presented. Then, they are ordered and analyzed. Conclusions are obtained and expressed.


Ideas are written in a card in a readable way. Then, they are placed in a board. They are ordered. They are selected. Conclusions are obtained.


It differs from the others in the fact that the problem or aspect to develop is written in a piece of paper, and it takes place in groups. Afterwards, each group posts its paper in the board and exposes it to the rest. The analysis is done with all the groups together, and final conclusions are reached.


Students are requested to draft a list of factors that influence on a determined element, fact, phenomena, etc. Afterwards, each needs to share it with the rest, arguing for the reasons of its listing. They all end up drafting a common list.


Each group is requested to create a response letter to someone that has requested their professional help for a specific problem.


Each group of students needs to prepare a 10-minute radio script that will be broadcasted at the end. It needs to be suggestive and creative. Then, the broadcasts are played. Finally, the messages are evaluated as per their originality, knowledge and intelligence.

Considering difficulties

Ask the student to make a list of all utilitarian objects that he may come in contact with in a 24 hour period. Have him select, for future purposes, those items that can cause friction (or problems, difficulties, etc.) in terms of their function or appearance.