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Part 3: Writing Exercises for Students


Allow for the student to acquire the habit of considering possibilities or courses of action, before choosing one of them as the most appropriate alternative to reach a goal or solve a problem.

Example 1: A study partner flunked most of the subjects from last semester, what explanations can you give for this fact?

Example 2: How do you achieve excellency in university studies?


Teach to value the use of ideas nesting to achieve a high productivity and have confidence in oneself.

Example 1: You are in an emergency situation and need to make a decision that implies choosing two of the following alternatives. What would be your decision?

  1. Salve yourself
  2. Help someone else
  3. Carry your belongings with you
  4. Save your dog
  5. Avoid damage to your apartment
  6. Protect the animals


Example 2: Let’s assume you win $500,000 dollars. What would be your priorities to distribute it?


You need to create awareness that not all the times, the personal point of view is the most certain or the most accepted by the rest of the people. Moreover, the person that takes other people’s points of view into account is capable of placing himself in the place of others, has the most certain view to solve his problems, achieves more social acceptance, and can understand better the world surrounding him.

Problem 1: A motorcycle salesperson has a used sports motorcycle and is trying to sell it to a customer. What do you think the seller and buyer points of view would be? (What would we tell the buyer? What would we say if we were now the buyer?).

Problem 2: The principal of a school surprises a 12 year old girl smocking in the toilet. He forbids her to do it again. What could be the points of view of the principal and of the child?

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