Memorization of the essential concepts

  1. Chart visualization. In order to memorize the synoptic chart that was prepared it will be necessary to pay attention to it between two and five minutes, depending on the size of the chart, focusing on the number of elements at each level, the way they are displayed, how many levels are in the chart… In other words, paying attention to detail. Cover up the chart and try to reproduce it on paper next. If the trial was successful, move to the next phase. If not, repeat the process.
  2. Repeating out loud the summary. First divide the summary text in small pieces that can be studied independently, one after the other. This can be done by questions or by paragraphs. Next, read out loud or in silence the first piece three times in a row; then cover up the text and try to repeat it without looking at it. Then check if it was right; it successful, move to the second piece. If not, repeat three more times and check again. When you have learnt three pieces by heart it is a good idea to go back to the start and check if the first ones are still remembered. You will need to read again some of them if they were forgotten. Finally the same process will be followed with each of the three studied pieces.
  3. Review. What was learnt on day one will not be of any use if it is not reviewed the next day, then after five or six days, then once a week and, finally, the day before the exam. TO REVIEW means to perform a quick read and then start checking piece by piece it you are able to correctly repeat the text that was studied. If anything was forgotten, it is necessary to study it again following points 6 and 7.