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  1. Jan Oda

    Nice list,
    as an additional suggestion, or to use as a combo with 16 and 20-26, I’d suggest the awesome bookcrossing.com
    Just register one or more of your books and set them free in the wild. It’s not only fun to see where they end up, but it’s a great way to get people to read your book, who otherwise might miss it.

  2. kristine

    I never would have thought of some of these in a million years! Very good ideas indeed.

  3. Phoebe Brown

    Awesome ideas. Someone suggested this page from Lulu.com and I am glad I came here. Thanks so much.

  4. Thomas Belanger


    As the author of a book on Teamwork, I will be speaking at various associations to promote the book. I know lots of authors will not be too excited about public speaking, but speaking at an association, a local library, or creating a course for a community college will get authors lots of exposure.

  5. Melody Allen

    Great suggestions. Thanks for trying to help other authors!

  6. Melanie Raabe

    Thanks for the suggestions. My husband’s young adult fiction book should be released in the next month and we feel totally overwhelmed, this is a great start. thanks!!

  7. Nikki

    What a wonderful list. I have been collecting things that will help me publish my book, (out soon I hope) and this list will be so helpful. Thanks

  8. Frank Griffin

    You have some great ideas. My book “Touched by Fire” was published through LULU.COM. Since then my Oral taped interview has been placed in the Dealy Plaza 6th Floor Kennedy Museum in Dallas. I was in a “Alabama Public Doctumentary” along with Governor Patterson,and others. I have been on the front pages of several news paper’s. I pefere to do my book signings at Librarys,once you do a signing at a library you will get a lot of reviews,and your book will be posted on their web site for ever. My book is in well over 100 libraries. You can also sell your books their at retail price. If you call your libraries most will honor your book signing. Publishing your book is easy the work is in the promotion. With LULU’S help through their distrubtion you will do well.

    Frank Griffin

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  10. Eric Roth

    Thank you for sharing these savvy marketing tips!

    Like many other self-published authors focused on a niche market, I have had some success and sold a few thousand copies. Compelling Conversations, a niche ESL/EFL textbook focused on building conversation skills and fluency, has even number 1 in several educational textbook categories on Amazon a few times. So I’ve read many insightful marketing articles. Few, however, have given me this many NEW marketing tactics from donating copies to community centers and reading rooms to bookmooch and goodreads.com. Best of all, I can even afford to promote my conversation textbooks for English language learners using your suggestions. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!


  11. Dale Ovenstone

    Hi, love your recommendations for getting eyes to one’s book(s)
    I was quite intrigued to discover your many avenues as I have authored a horror novel based on actual events that I know horror fans find creepy as I have had one review, plus I have a private e-mail review too, & these scary events happened within my own home town of Cardiff in the UK, one area I was looking to promote was, a community centre where matured folk congregate to become active together & share their times with each other which is the village where I live & where the story is based.
    My own book, is based on true events that happened in 1974 & I really want to do a ‘stand up story time’ in front of these folk as I know they will be interested, but the only problem is, even though my book reads for just over an hour, I am a bit nervy of actually reading out aloud my story.
    I will not know how I will sound or if I will stall in progress, but all the same, I would really love to read just for the joy of it & as for reviews on Amazon, it seems folk do not want to leave reviews for many book.

    Thank you for this article for sharing so many ideas.
    Regards. Dale J Ovenstone

  12. Mark Holtzen

    Great ideas. I have sent my middle grade children’s book, The Pig War, which draws on some cool local history, to all the independent bookstores around our Northwestern region. Most of them have decided to stock the book on consignment, which is a win-win situation. I get exposure and a bit of money, and the stores make more of a percentage than they do on books from larger publishers. Plus, they love to promote and brag about local authors. Of course I’ve worked hard over a few years to make it a solid, engaging story. That’s the first step and the most important I think. Thanks for these discussions. It’s nice to learn about the greater community out there.

  13. Mallika Nawal

    My upcoming crime thriller is all set to hit the markets in a couple of months. With so much going on, the promotional campaign becomes quite a daunting task…and it’s nice to have things spelled out for you.

    Thank you so much for putting up these suggestions…Happy Reading, Everyone!!!

    Best wishes for 2013,

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