5 responses to “Review 105: The Demon Hunters by Linda Welch”

  1. Shannon Yarbrough

    I definitely love the new cover. Great job, Linda!

    I’ve also enjoyed watching these books grow and develop and change. That’s what POD is all about, and I think Linda’s books are a great example of an author using the industry to their advantage and enjoying the journey along the way.


  2. Linda Welch

    LK, thanks so much for the review! I was fairly peeved this morning because I got out of bed late and then found my hubby was hogging the computer, so I’ve only just been able to get on here.

    As well as my thanks to LK, I want to thank all of the LL Book Reviewers for dedicating a great deal of their time to review POD books and get the word out about them. I really appreciate you guys (and gals.)


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