3 responses to “Review 69: Every Rescued Dog Has a Tale by Deborah Eades”

  1. shannonyarbrough

    Review 69 was a “two-fer” winner this month! Deborah Eades’ book was nominated by Edwin Ong (Review 68) Both got reviews thanks to Edwin!

  2. Alex Burr

    I have both of Deborah’s editions – in the revised edition she added a tribute to Brandi, who tried so hard to make it to a loving home and did. Only to cross the bridge less than a week after making it to safety. I carried her from Memphis to Brinkley, AR. That broke everybody’s heart who had the priviledge to transport that plucky little dog.

  3. Robert McCarty

    This wonderful book took me into another world where the author shares her experiences in such an intimate and personal way that I shared in these moving experiences of saving dogs. She takes the reader with her, often on long night drives into unknow territory, where suffering dogs are saved by human compassion.
    Deborah Eades gives dimension and meaning to the human canine connection.
    Robert McCarty

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