The POD Diary – July 2nd, 2008

July 2nd 2pm: I got an email from Lulu yesterday with the proofs of the postcards and bookmarks I ordered through them. They were nice, except for a horrible chocolate brown background, and they had my web address as I asked them to change the color to a lime green or bright yellow, and to change the website to either my store name or my webpage. They had a revision back to me by the afternoon. The background was a nice shade of green as requested, and they changed the web address to my own. I approved it, and should receive the materials in about two weeks via UPS.

Good news! I’m not sure if the sales were from bookstores or Amazon, but my Lulu Revenue Summary reports a sale of 3 copies today. Woo! Hoo! At 67 cents per copy, that’s a total of $2.01. Let’s update my project investment, shall we?

Total investment spent on this project to date: $587.43

Now, I’m pretty sure those sales are from Ingram because of the recent changes in Lulu’s Revenue reporting which I wrote about on the Lulu book review page. Read my post here. Notice it says that sales are reported on a monthly basis from the distribution channels, but it says sales reported from outside retail channels can take six to nine weeks now.

Well, I remembered that Jeremy Robinson gave an Ingram phone number in his book POD People which you could call to check sales on your book. I called the number today and Ingram says 3 copies have sold. Hmm…those are probably the 3 copies Lulu is reporting today on my revenue page, and I bet the six to nine week reporting window applies directly to only. So, I won’t know how many copies I’ve sold on Amazon for at least a few more weeks. Who knows? Maybe these 3 copies Ingram reports are from Amazon sales.

By the way, that Ingram phone number is 615-213-6803. It will ask for your ISBN, press one to confirm you entered it correctly, press one to check stock, or press two to check sales.

July 2nd 6pm: Those six free copies Lulu sent out to me had arrived by the time I got home from work today. These were shipped from Morrisville, NC, not the Rochester, NY address where the other books had shipped from. Wrapped in the traditional Lulu greenish blue foam wrap and shrink wrapped cello, the shrink wrap was a bit loose and had holes in it. A first for any Lulu order I’ve received. The books have the minor damage in the binding corner, but not as bad as the others did. Fanning the books out, the infamous white spot from where the cover has been worn looks almost the same on all the books. This tells me its from movement at the time of coming off the printing line, probably not from moving around in transit. Oh well, they were free. I’m going to post a few for sale on Amazon, beating out all of those other third party sellers who claim to have it in stock!

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