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  1. Andy Weissberg

    Hi Shannon,

    I head up the ISBN Agency at Bowker and want to personally thank you for a great blog posting on ISBNs. We value our relationship with Lulu and continue to develop models and service offerings that will advance the value proposition of the ISBN in the digital world. We are launching soon which will make ISBN assignments IMMEDIATE – no more waiting days or weeks to get them. There will also be a host of discoverability solutions available, and we will launch the site officially in conjunction with the BEA conference later this month.

    Your advocacy and support of the ISBN is very much appreciated!

    Andy W.

  2. Paul Ciccone Jr


    Great article…

    ISBNs are probably one of the more controversial and misunderstood tools available to self published and POD authors who are serious about sales.
    As you stated, ISNBs allow authors exposure into major markets that otherwise would not be possible. a book’s ISBN is its fingerprint so to speak and a whole new world of publicity comes with it.

    KUDOS to you for clarifying a big “is it worth doing!

  3. Mick Rooney


    Great article on ISBN’s, an area of book publishing, so much misunderstood, yet, so incredibly important.


  4. Lina

    I’m really confused when it comes to Lulu and ISBN. I’ve already got a few numbers to my name and I reckon I’d like to use them on my book. Sometimes it’s just so hard to understand how to go about doing it. Your post here shed some extra light on it. Thanks!

  5. Dan Marvin

    This is still an important post for self publishers, I’ve made several phone calls that go like “Yes Mr. Marvin thank you for calling, what is your ISBN number?” “It’s 978-0-9822783-0-7″. “Oh yes, I see it right here, ‘Briefs for the Reading Room.’ OK, I’ll order a few, thanks for calling.” Without it, the calls would have been much less successful.

    Last I knew, the only thing that had changed from the article above is that “Published by Lulu” price has changed (it was free for awhile, they may charge for it again now).


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